Staying fit and healthy in Lake Claire

Miriam Herbers

Six Lake Clarions and one Candler Park neighbor are among a group that meets three times a week at the Decatur Recreation center for dance aerobics with Bobbie Elzey.  We dance routines that raise our heart rate, limber our joints, stretch our muscles, improve our balance, lift our spirits, all in a safe and friendly environment.

All this under the super, inspiring direction of Bobbie Elzey.  Every move we make has a functional reason but we don’t care. We just dance for the fun of it.  Many have been dancing with Bobbie since she started teaching classes in the 1070s but I just started when I retired four years ago. Jane Merkle (Connecticut) told me about it and now I really miss if I have to skip a day. Sheila’s Schurer’s (Connecticut) husband Karl walks the track while we dance.  Scott Russell (Almeta) leads a Monday and Wednesday evening class too. His wife Susan Davis is also a contra dancer (along with Jane and Scott).

Occasionally we hold pot luck lunches which is such a nice way to strengthen the sense of the dance community.   My dad is 93 and my Mom lived to be 89 so I think it behooves me to try to live a healthy life for my own good.  Sue May (Page) says health is not the reason she enjoys our group but it is rather participating in the good spirit in our dance space. Her husband, Dan, is also a Trees Atlanta volunteer and I enjoy making that connection.

“ Not only does Bobbie perform fun choreography with music that I love but she herself is an inspiration to me,” says Jane Merkle.   “I love dancing to the wide variety of music (rock, swing, Latin, country, R and B, etc.) and learning new dances each session keeps it from ever getting old.” says, Scott Russell.  Ann Mauney (Hardendorf) says “Bobbie is a talented choreographer and a positive, giving human being who connects with every person in her classes.  What a gift to all of us!  “ I  could not agree more.